Baby HansenAge: 0 days18841884

Baby Hansen
Birth August 17, 1884 51 33
Death August 17, 1884
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Marriage: April 15, 1879St. Stephen, Walworth, Surrey, England
4 months
elder sister
5 years
Baby Hansen
Birth: August 17, 1884 51 33Altona, Hamborg, Tyskland
Death: August 17, 1884Altona, Hamborg, Tyskland
17 months
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
Olga Gertrude Christina Hansen
Birth: 1888 54 37All Saints, Hastings, Sussex, England
Death: 1968Waltham Forest, Essex, England
3 years
younger brother
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Divorce: 1851Forholdet ophævet
11 months
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Marriage: October 27, 1863Odense Vor Frue kirke
14 months
2 years
Jens Carl Lauritz Hansen
Birth: March 31, 1866 32 40Vestergade, Odense Sankt Knud sogn
Death: October 22, 1866Odense Sankt Knuds sogn

Shared note
ID 13-5: Baby Hansen Birth Date: 17 Aug. 1884 in Altona, Hamborg (Hamburg), Tyskland (Germany) to (ID 26) Carl Christian Hansen *) and Gertrude Jane Hansen née Dymond. Barnet dør samme dag (the child dies on 17 Aug. 1884) ---- *) ID 26: Carl Christian Nielsen-Hansen (baptized Carl Christian Nielsen) - kunstnernavn/his stage name being: Carl Hansen Birth of Baby Hansen (1884) - Certificate Number: 2410, Reference Number: 332-5_6233 - 17 Aug 1884 Name (of father): Carl Christian Hansen Gender: männlich (Male) Civil Registration Office: Altona Spouse: Gertrude Jane Hansen Child: Hansen Source Information/Kilde: - info from: B.A. Collins: "Hamburg, Germany, Selected Births, 1874-1899" ------ Hamburg, Germany, Selected Births, 1874-1899 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2015. Original data: Personenstandsregister, Geburtsregister, 1874-1899. Staatsarchiv Hamburg, Germany. Hamburg State Archives