Louis Lars Holm1888

Louis Lars Holm
Birth December 5, 1888 27 21
Birth of a brotherCharley Henry Jacob Holm
May 17, 1892 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a brotherOrville H. Holm
May 1894 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a brotherDreng Holm
December 31, 1895 (Age 7 years)
Death of a brotherDreng Holm
after 1895 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a sisterRagnhild Holm
February 14, 1896 (Age 7 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherLars Christian Westerdahl
October 15, 1896 (Age 7 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherAnna Sophie Henriette Meisner
November 20, 1896 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a sisterIngeborg Holm
about 1898 (Age 9 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherPetroline Birch
after 1920 (Age 31 years)
Death of a fatherAxel Halvor Florentin Holm
between 1920 and 1929 (Age 31 years)
Death of a motherAlma Antonie Severine Westerdahl
about 1930 (Age 41 years)
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Marriage: about 1886Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
18 months
elder sister
17 months
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
20 months
younger brother
Dreng Holm
Birth: December 31, 1895 34 28Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
Death: after 1895USA
1 month
younger sister
3 years
younger sister

Shared note
ID 15-11b: Louis Lars Holm alias Lewis L Holm Født: 05-12-1888 i Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA - søn af (ID 15-11) Axel Halvor Florentin Holm (alias Florentin Holm) og hustru Alma Antonie Severine Westerdahl. Kilde/source: Other information in the record of Louis Lars Holm from Michigan Births: Name: Louis Lars Holm Birth Date: 05 Dec 1888 Birthplace: Menominee, Menominee, Michigan Gender: Male Father's Name: Florentine Holm (alias Florentin Holm/Axel Halvor Florentin Holm) Father's Birthplace: Denmark Mother's Name: Alma Westerdahl (alias Alma Antonie Severine Westerdahl) Mother's Birthplace: Denmark Kilde/source: Folketællinger/censuses: Census 1900 - Menominee city Ward 1, Menominee, Michigan, United States: ID 15-11: Florence A Holm, Head, Male, 39, Denmark (alias Florentin Axel Holm/Axel Halvor Florentin Holm) Elma A Holm, Wife, Female, 33, Denmark (alias Alma Antonie Holm nee Westerdahl/Alma Antonie Severine Holm nee Westerdahl) ID 15-11a: Bertha H Holm, Daughter, Female, 13, Michigan (birth date: 08 Jul 1887 in Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan) >> ID 15-11b: Lewis L Holm, Son, Male, 12, Michigan (birth date: 05-12-1888 in Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan - alias Louis Lars Holm) ID 15-11c: Charles J Holm, Son, Male, 8, Michigan (birth date: 17-05-1892 in Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan - alias Charley Henry Jacob Holm) ID 15-11d: Orville H Holm, Son, Male, 6, Michigan (est. birth: May 1894 - alias Axel Holm) ID 15-11f: Ranghelf Holm, Son (read: Daughter), 4, Michigan (est. birth: 1896 - alias Ragnhild Holm) ID 15-11g: Langbort Holm, Son (read: Daughter), 2, Michigan (est. birth: 1898 - alias Ingeborg Holm) Kilde/Source: United States Census, 1900 Census 1910 - Milwaukee Ward 3, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States: ID 15-11: Axel Holm, Head, Male, 46, Denmark (alias Axel Halvor Florentin Holm) Alma Holm, Wife, Female, 42, Denmark (alias Alma Holm nee Westerdahl/Alma Antonie Severine Holm nee Westerdahl) >> ID 15-11b: Lewis Holm, Son, Male, 21, Michigan (alias Louis Lars Holm/Lewis L Holm) ID 15-11c: Charly Holm, Son, Male, 19, Wisconsin (alias Charley Henry Jacob Holm) ID 15-11d: Axel Holm, Son, Male, 16, Michigan (alias Orville H. Holm) ID 15-11f: Rangill Holm, Daughter, Female, 14, Michigan (alias Ragnhild Holm) ID 15-11g: Ingaborg Holm, Daughter, Female, 12, Michigan (alias Ingeborg Holm) Kilde/source: United States Census, 1910