Elna Nilsson1855

Elna Nilsson
Birth September 10, 1855
Elna Sihm f. Nilsson

MarriageHarald Sophus Nicolai SihmView this family
about 1882 (Age 26 years)

Birth of a daughter
Sophie Caroline Amalie Sihm
June 28, 1883 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a son
Edvard Carl Nicolai Sihm
April 9, 1885 (Age 29 years)
Marriage of a childEdvard Carl Nicolai SihmGerda Augusta Cecilie LarsenView this family
May 29, 1920 (Age 64 years)

Shared note
Elna Nilsson alias Elna Sihm f. Nilsson Født: ca. 10-09-1855 i Lund, Sverige. Gift ca. 1882: Harald Sophus Nicolai Sihm gifter sig ca. 1882 med Elna f. Nilsson, f. ca. 10-09-1855 i Lund. Kilde: Politietsregisterblad nr. 190, rulle 0036. Børn: Harald Sophus Nicolai Sihm, toldassistent og hustru Elna Sihm f. Nielsen: 1. Sophie Caroline Amalie Sihm, f. 28-06-1883 i Vamdrup. 2. Edvard Carl Nicolai Sihm, f. 09-04-1885 i Kerteminde. Kilde: Politietsregisterblad nr. 190, rulle 0036.