Leo Carl Lodahl, 19222008 (aged 85 years)

Birth September 9, 1922 36 29
Leo C Lodahl

Death of a maternal grandmotherBodil Marie Pedersen
1936 (aged 13 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherNels Sampsen
October 3, 1940 (aged 18 years)
Death of a motherFreda Sampsen
August 26, 1977 (aged 54 years)
Death of a fatherCarl Andersen Lodahl
1982 (aged 59 years)

Death of a sisterLillian B Lodahl
1985 (aged 62 years)

Death of a sisterOlga Lodahl
1998 (aged 75 years)

Death of a sisterVerna P. Lodahl
June 18, 2006 (aged 83 years)
Burial of a fatherCarl Andersen Lodahl

Burial of a motherFreda Sampsen

Death January 16, 2008 (aged 85 years)
Family with parents
Birth: June 17, 1886Hurup parish (sogn), Refs district (herred), Thisted county (amt).
Death: 1982
Birth: 1893 38 31Story City, Iowa, USA
Death: August 26, 1977Plentywood, Montana, USA
Marriage MarriageJanuary 17, 1913Dagmar, Valley, the State of Montana, USA
3 years
elder sister
Birth: about 1915 28 22Montana, USA
2 years
elder sister
Birth: about 1916 29 23
Death: 1998
2 years
elder sister
Birth: March 15, 1918 31 25Dagmar, Sheridan County, Montana, USA
Death: June 18, 2006Hartford, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA
4 years
elder sister
Birth: 1921 34 28Montana, USA
Death: 1985
21 months
Birth: September 9, 1922 36 29Montana, USA
Death: January 16, 2008Missoula, Montana, USA
Family with Elsie Marie Holst
Birth: September 9, 1922 36 29Montana, USA
Death: January 16, 2008Missoula, Montana, USA
Elsie Marie Holst
Shared note

ID 248-1a4h4e5: Leo Carl Lodahl alias Leo C Lodahl

Born on 9 September 1922 in Montana, USA. He was born to Carl Andersen Lodahl and (ID 248-1a4h4e) Freda Sampsen Lodahl.

He joined the Air Corps, a general farmer, single. Education level. 4 years of high school. Leo C Lodahl, Military Service, on 1 Oct 1942 in Butte, Montana, USA.

Marriage in Sheridan County, Montana, USA. On 1 August 1944, Leo Carl Lodahl (alias Leo C. Lodahl), 21y, born in 1922 to Carl A. Lodahl and Freda Sampsen, married Elsie Marie Holst, 18y, born in Montana about 1926 to Christ Holst and Thelma F Holst née Harrel.

Divorce: Marie Lodahl and Leo C Lodahl divorced on 13 July 1954 in Shoshone, Idaho, USA 2nd marriage: E. Marie Lodahl and Leo C. Lodahl married again on 27 June 1959 in Kootenai, Idaho, USA.

Census 1930: Westby, Sheridan County, Montana, USA: Chris Holst, Head, 40y, South Dakota Thelma F Holst, Wife, 33y, Wisconsin Ira C Holst, Son, 11y, Montana Margret M Holst, Daughter, 10y, Minnesota Elsie Marie Holst, Daughter, 4y, Montana

Residence on 15 Nov 2007: Elsie Marie Lodahl (alias Marie Lodahl) lived in Missoula, Montana, USA.

Death of Leo Carl Lodahl: Death date: 16 January 2008 in Missoula, Montana, USA (aged 85)


Census 1930: School District 57, Sheridan County, Montana, United States Carl A Lodahl, Head, 44, Denmark ID 248-1a4h4e: Freda Lodahl, Wife, 37, Iowa ID 248-1a4h4e1: Leora Lodahl, Daughter, 15, Montana ID 248-1a4h4e2: Olga Lodahl, Daughter, 14, Montana ID 248-1a4h4e3: Verna Lodahl, Daughter, 12, Montana ID 248-1a4h4e4: Lillian Lodahl, Daughter, 8, Montana ID 248-1a4h4e5: Leo Lodahl, Son, 7, Montana

Census 1940: School District 57, Sheridan County, Montana, United States Last Place of Residence: Same House Carl A Lodahl, Head, 53, Denmark ID 248-1a4h4e: Freda S Lodahl, Wife, 46, Iowa >> ID 248-1a4h4e5: Leo C Lodahl, Son, 17, Montana