Verne R. Dumouchelle, 19171982 (aged 65 years)

Verne R. /Dumouchelle/
Family with parents
Birth: September 21, 1890Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
Death: 1956Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
Birth: October 1, 1890 30 27Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
Death: February 17, 1980Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
Marriage MarriageApril 5, 1916Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
10 months
Birth: January 23, 1917 26 26Michigan, USA
Death: April 1982Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA
13 months
younger sister
Birth: February 8, 1918 27 27Michigan, USA
Death: July 15, 2008El Dorado, California, USA
Shared note

ID 15-10b1: Verne R. Dumouchelle

alias Verne Dumouchelle

Born on 23 January 1917 in Michigan, USA. Born to George Joseph Dumouchelle and (ID 15-10b) Ella M. Dumouchelle née Holm.

Death: Verne Dumouchelle died in April 1982 at the age of 65 in Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, USA.

Census 1930 - Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, United States: George J Dumouchelle, Head, Male, 39, Michigan ID 15-10b: Ella A. Dumouchelle, Wife, Female, 39, Michigan >> ID 15-10b1: Verne R. Dumouchelle, Son, Male, 13, Michigan ID 15-10b2: Doris M. Dumouchelle, Daughter, Female, 12, Michigan

Census 1940 - Ward 1, Menominee, Menominee City, Menominee, Michigan, United States: George Dumouchelle, Head, Male, 49, Michigan ID 15-10b: Ella Dumouchelle, Wife, Female, 49, Michigan >> ID 15-10b1: Verne Dumouchelle, Son, Male, 23, Michigan ID 15-10b2: Doris Dumouchelle, Daughter, Female, 22, Michigan Kilde/source: United States Census, 1940

Verne R Dumouchelle United States World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946: DUMOUCHELLE VERNE R Event Type: Military Service Event Date: 08 Jan 1941 Term of Enlistment: 0 Event Place: Escanaba, Michigan, United States Race: White Citizenship Status: citizen Birth Year: 1917 Birthplace: MICHIGAN Education Level: 4 years of high school Civilian Occupation: 999 Marital Status: Single, without dependents Military Rank: Private Army Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA Army Component: Selectees (Enlisted Men) Source Reference: Civil Life Serial Number: 36225172

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID 15-10b1: Verne R. Dumouchelle's mother: ID 15-10b: Ella A. Holm is a cousin of ID 7: Ragnhild Correll (Ragnhild er Lise-Lone's mormor).

Ella's father: ID 15-10: Niels Charles Sigfried Holm is a brother of ID 15: Anna Johanne Jacobine Correll née Holm. Anna J J Holm is the great grandmother of Lise-Lone Correll Dohlmann. ID 7: Ragnhild Correll is the maternal grandmother of Lise-Lone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------