Francesco Viale, 1775

Family with Fru_Francesco Viale
Birth: July 6, 1775Ventimiglia, Italien
Marriage Marriageabout 1800
3 years
Birth: September 5, 1802 27Vingtimiglia_Ventimiglia, Italien
Death: July 6, 1875Ermelundshuset i Gentofte
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Francesco Viale

Født: 06-07-1775 i Ventimiglia, Italien

Erhverv: landmand fra Ventimiglia, Italien

Gift ca. 1800: Francesco Viale er antagelig gift ca. 1800.


Ventimiglia (Vingtimiglia) i provinsen Imperia i Ligurien, Italien.

The name has nothing to do with venti miglia ("twenty miles" in Italian) as widely thought. Most likely, it derives from the ancient Ligurian Albium, meaning "capital city", and genitive Intemelion, meaning "of the Intemelii".

Ventimiglia is the ancient Albium Intemelium, the capital of the Intemelii, a Ligurian tribe which long resisted the Romans, until in 115 BC it was forced to submit to Marcus Aemilius Scaurus. In 69 the city was sacked by the army of Otho and Vitellius. but recovered to remain prosperous into the fifth century, surrounded by walls with cylindrical towers built at each change of direction.

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