Welcome to the family tree "Friismose"

This family tree has been updated May 4, 2022.
It contains 4,995 persons devided into 1,861 families.

The first known person in the genus is:
Jeppe auf der Bohle
Birth between 1350 and 1360Lytgenholm, Nordfrisland, Slesvig-Holsten, Tyskland

The first registered wedding was between:
Jacob Pedersen Oldendorph + Elisabeth Hansdatter Holst
Marriage August 20, 1509Ribe, Ribe herred, Ribe amt

The largest family had 16 children
and the parents were:
Hans Jørgen Naschou + Anne Sophie Mørch
Marriage May 30, 1749

The longest living person is:
Thomas Peter Jensen
Birth July 5, 1877Hune sogn, Hvetbo herred, Hjørring amt
Death March 9, 1978 (aged 100 years)Fremont, Dodge County, Nebraska, USA

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